TSO Solar Greenhouses

TSO is an AgriTech company whose primary objective is to maximize greenhouse light management in the most efficient automated manner. In managing the light, the TSO System not only manages the light/shade, it also generates power for the facility itself.

TSO Greenhouses combined systems and use of Solar Tax Credits greatly reduces capital expenditures.

Total Sun Optimization

Maintaining perfect balance between light and shade for maximum crop yield and maximum solar production.

TSO Greenhouses provide optimum light management through automation.

Greenhouse Solar Retrofits

TSO can take greenhouses that are on the grid using power generated from a power company and convert them to stand-alone, off-grid, solar greenhouses.

TSO's Retrofit product offers the greenhouse grower a significant competitive advantage.
Two Acre Demonstration Site no v1 ISO 1

TSO Greenhouses is an innovative AgriTech startup that is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. TSO’s primary objective is to maximize greenhouse light management in the most efficient, automated manner. Using its high-tech patented technology (Patent awarded in November of 2016) for greenhouses with solar trackers built-into the structure, the company provides to the agricultural industry an eco-friendly solar powered greenhouse using it’s TSO integrated control systems.

The combination of the solar technology and the TSO greenhouse automated management systems creates a dual use for the greenhouse; power and growing. TSO’s unique hardware and software technology helps farmers and growers produce more, at a lower cost, with a reduced carbon footprint. In addition, the greenhouse and solar system qualifies for the 30% Federal solar tax credit and State and local solar credits.

The most outstanding features of a TSO Greenhouse system are power independence and automated proprietary systems that control growing conditions. The TSO greenhouse can be completely independent of normally required utilities and can produce excess power beyond the greenhouse requirements, if needed, for other on-site facilities. This means that you can access or convert marginalized land into high volume producing land while simultaneously mitigating the ever-increasing utility costs.

The TSO greenhouse automated management systems assists the grower in achieving optimum light and shade control, as well as, managing other factors in the growing process based on the plants needs throughout the growing cycle delivering the highest quality, the best yields and on time for the market

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